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If you’re here, chances are you are in need of a freelance proofreader or copy editor. Are you a:


  • College student desperately needing an academic document proofread or edited?
  • Screenwriter needing a second pair of eyes to look over your screenplay?


Whoever you are, Second Glance’s freelance proofreading and editing service can help!

Second Glance is a freelance proofreading and copy editing business devoted to making academic documents and screenplays stand out by correcting errors of all sorts. The lives of students and screenwriters are busy—you want to spend time on the things that matter to you. Let Second Glance take care of the details of your document.

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Proofreading vs. Copy Editing

Most people use “proofreading” and “copy editing” interchangeably, but these are actually two separate activities that are vital to creating an easy-to-read, impeccable document. Although there is some overlap, proofreaders and copy editors are generally on the lookout for separate types of mistakes. Copy editing tends to be more involved and includes fact-checking and in-depth formatting. Proofreading, on the other hand, involves finding very small errors including double words, comma splices, and general punctuation errors. Here is a chart comparing the types of errors proofreaders and copy editors search for:

Proofreading and editing comparison chart

Which One Should I Choose?

Well, that depends on you! If you have already done extensive editing and just need a second pair of eyes, proofreading may be for you. If you’ve just written a paper and don’t know where to start, copy editing may be the way to go. The choice is completely yours!