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Did you know that, just like other business professionals, screenwriters need a proofreader as well?

Think about it. A production company receives hundreds of screenplays every day, and script readers need to go through all of them to find the ones that are most worthy. Not only does your story have to engage the reader in the first ten pages, but it also needs to be properly punctuated, formatted, and free of grammatical errors. If your screenplay isn’t polished, you look like a rookie, and your screenplay will surely be tossed in the trash.

But do you really have time to look for those errors? Maybe not. And that’s where I come in. As an actor and a lover of words, I know what will keep your screenplay out of the trash and in the hands of the reader. I have worked with plenty of scripts to understand what an error-free script is supposed to look like.

I want to help you proofread your next screenplay. Check out my rates:

Rates for Screenwriting Proofreading Services

Do You Edit Screenplays?

At this time I only proofread screenplays. Any sort of editing for other types of documents greatly differs from the editing process for screenplays, and I do not currently have the full training to do that properly. I plan to offer this service in the future, so check back often!

What Should I Expect?

I like to ensure my clients experience a streamlined process when they submit their documents to me. Below I have outlined the general order in which things are done, as well as my preferred methods of proofreading.

*Submit an inquiry form here– This will give me an idea of the type of screenplay you have, an estimate of how long the project will take, and allow me to give you a fixed price for my services.

*Sign the Terms of Service form– Once everything is set and we agree on a price, this form serves as a formal agreement to allow me to proofread your work.

*Send me your work– Along with the signed Terms of Service form, you’ll send me your screenplay. I normally make corrections via XODO PDF Reader and Annotator, but we can discuss other options, if necessary.

*Your work is returned– After I proofread your document, you will receive your screenplay with all the corrections I’ve made.

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